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The team at the Fruit Forest is passionate about growing rare, unusual and heritage (heirloom) fruits, herbs and vegetables. In season, we offer many varieties.

We are proud to be among the state winners of the delicious. Harvey Norman Produce Award, in recognition of our fruit.

delicious. Produce Awards Winner

The orchards, herb gardens and vegetable patches of the Fruit Forest are situated on the picturesque Mornington Peninsula. Famous for its orchards and vineyards, the Peninsula is nestled between the calm waters of Port Phillip Bay and Western Port Bay.

Here you can find beautiful beaches, up-market wineries and restaurants, scenic walks, mazes and lush gardens, markets and farm gates where fresh, local produce is sold. The region is particularly well-suited to growing apples, pears, figs and stone fruit.

Within Mornington Peninsula Shire there is considerable diversity of climate, soil types, rainfall and altitude as well as the usual variations in topography, which give each orchard site its unique ‘terroir’ characteristics. The Fruit Forest’s location in the Red Hill ward of the Shire gives it the perfect terroir for fruit growing.


‘Terroir’ is the idea that fruits have a taste unique to the location where they are grown; a sense of place. These days, this ‘somewhereness’ is eagerly sought by chefs, food media and the food trade, and increasingly by gourmet diners in the know.

Anyone can grow a peach, but no-one can grow a tangy Fruit Forest red-fleshed peach outside the Fruit Forest, or a honey-sweet Fruit Forest fig outside the Mornington Peninsula’s famous fruit-producing Red Hill ward.


Click here to download the official Mornington Peninsula Wine, Food and Farmgate Trail Map.

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The Shire also provides an official touring map here.