Brazilian Starfish Chilies

Brazilian Starfish Chilies (Capsicum Baccatum)

Is this the only chili pepper that resembles a sea star, or a red rose? It’s a beautiful, ornamental plant that looks great in the garden. And it produces a wealth of bright scarlet chili peppers. In January at The Fruit Forest our Brazilian Starfish Chilies are still tiny seedlings. During the hot weather of summer they will grow and bear fruit. We hope to be harvesting in autumn.

What do they taste like? describes them as:

“There’s a bold crisp sweetness here, fruity with apple undertones. Even the scent of the chili has a fruitiness to it. This sweetness makes the Brazilian starfish a pleasure to eat raw. Try them diced in salads or salsas, like you would a jalapeño or a serrano. They also work well as a pickling pepper. The fruitiness pairs well with fish dishes, so consider the Brazilian starfish whenever you are considering seafood. Sprinkled into a side salad can add quite the impact to the meal.”